I’m the mother of three boys, two of then with special needs. When I was pregnant with our first, my greatest fear was that the baby would have a disability. My second greatest fear was that he or she would have autism. There was no way I could manage that.

Happy Chin turned out to have both. And my life changed forever.

As a result, I’ve acquired patience, resilience, tolerance, a strong strain of black humour and an extremely messy house!

11 years later when our youngest was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum as well, we just smiled and thought, bring it on.

I’ve had articles published in magazines, newspapers and journals and have a BA in English literature and a Diploma in Professional Children’s Writing. In my spare time I get paid to work in the hospitality industry. And I’m a volunteer radio announcer for a local radio station broadcasting to those with a print disability or without access to newspapers.

I enjoy my children, reading, laughter, cooking, music, friends, dancing, singing and beautiful Tasmania where I live.

I hope you enjoy reading about our crazy family. In the words of our middle son, we’re not like everybody else…







2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have just read all your blogs, not that I needed to. You write so well, & even though I’m often there to witness your stories, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. Well done GF xx

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